Job Source and Problem Fixer


Middle aged and well fed Amir doesn’t shy away from displaying his wealth, though a keen eye will notice it’s entirely for the sake of display rather than personal comfort.

Amir likes to talk and is easily set off on a lecture on morality or manners.


Amir is in the business of knowing people with money and problems and knowing the right people with no money and the ability to fix said problems.

He has regular contacts that do information gathering for him, but he operates primarily by hiring freelance mercenaries and thieves to get jobs done. His operation is mostly made up of extended family members, though the most key role, that of handling the books, is done by his oldest daughter who has an exceptional talent for numbers.

Amir has a mixed reputation. He’s professional, discreet and honest, all things that put him in good standing with both his clients and the hired help. However he’s also known as a stickler for a deal made, he pays what was agreed on, regardless of any changes that emerge that might make the job more complicated than it otherwise would be. Failure to complete a job is tolerated, but outright refusal, even if it turns out that a job is nearly impossible results in Amir permanently blacklisting a person from work.

In his defense on the rare occasion that a job turns out to be easier than believed he cheerfully pays out the agreed amount regardless, but this is a far less common occurrence.

Amir has worked with Adir several times in the past, but now he’s offering her a chance to break into real work, the kind that pays the sort of money a person can live comfortably on.


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