Ex-Harbourmaster's Assistant


Polite, demure and unassuming in public, eyes sharp like a hawk in private.

Daughter of a northern mercenary who retired and settled down in Cairrossos the only physical feature that gives away her unusual mixed heritage is her strange name, having taken after her mother for the most part.


Hired by Haseem as the new assistant at the Harbourmaster’s office she quickly ran afoul of him, first when he ‘spilled’ his wine on her after she turned down his advances and then when he swapped out the papers she was sent to fetch by the scribe in order to get her fired.

Fired (by proxy) on her first day of work she agreed to help Adir get the location of the Silver Kestrel in return for a cut of the job’s pay and with a little healthy dose of revenge and framing of Haseem on the side.


A Thousand Stars of Bronze Mahws